The Brighten My Day

The Brighten My Day

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- Salted Caramel Millionaire Shortbread
- White Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Crunchy Bar Rocky Road
- Mini Cupcakes with Whipped Buttercream Icing
- Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates Covered in Chocolate 
- Assortment of Sweets, Chocolate and Fruit


Allergens information:
Millionaire Shortbread: Dark chocolate, condensed milk, butter, sugar, flour
White chocolate cookies: White chocolate, condensed milk, flour, butter, sugar
Crunchy bar rocky road: Crunchy bar, dark chocolate, butter, golden syrup, raisins, brandy, digestive biscuits
Mini cupcakes with buttercream icing: Flour, sugar, butter, eggs, icing sugar

Peanut butter dipped, chocolate covered dates: dark chocolate, peanut butter, medjool dates